The MPS-ABC is a certificate that demonstrates our environmentally-conscious production methods. Our products are grown by means of the most eco-friendly techniques available. The standards and requirements for this certificate are formulated and monitored by MPS.  Van der Salm was MPS A certified for years; in 2016 we reached the highest status: A+.

More information about MPS ABC is available at: www.my-mps.com

The MPS-GAP certification scheme has formulated standards and requirements aimed at the production of safe, sustainably cultivated, high quality and easily traceable products. MPS GAP is equivalent to GLOBAL G.A.P., the certificate used by European retailers. Van der Salm has been MPS GAP certified for years.

More information about MPS GAP is available here: www.my-mps.com

MPS-Socially Qualified (S.Q.)

Van der Salm believes in the importance of a safe healthy work environment. By satisfying the MPS SQ requirements, we have chosen to provide all of our employees with a safe healthy work environment. We also notice that consumers are becoming increasingly critical regarding the origins and production conditions of the products they want to purchase. Our customers as well are more frequently asking for the MPS SQ certificate as a condition for doing business with their suppliers. We see this as a good development!

More information about MPS SQ is available here: www.my-mps.com

MPS-ProductProof is a tool that makes it visible whether a product meets certain requirements. At least four times per year there is an independent sampling per product. MPS-ProductProof also requires registration within 24 hours after using a crop protection product. Van der Salm has started this from 1 May 2017, due to this maximum transparency in the field of durability this certificate really matches our company.

More information about MPS-ProductProof is available on: www.my-mps.com

Sedex is the largest cooperation platform in the world for sharing data. Sedex ensures that companies can share all kinds of different data, standards and certificates.

More information about Sedex is available on: www.sedexglobal.com