Corporate Social Responsibility

As may be expected from any modern company, we consider the needs of people, the environment and society in all that we do. We also feel closely involved with our living environment and want to contribute to its well-being and sustainability.

As shown below you can see what we are doing with regard to our CSR, both inside and outside of our company:

  • We are MPS-A+, MPS GAP and MPS SQ certified.
  • We reuse our irrigation water.
  • We separate our paper, plastic and green waste.
  • We support the Netherlands Cancer Institute (www.nki.nl), various local sports associations and the Boomkwekerijmuseum which is a museum dedicated to arboriculture in Boskoop.
  • We installed almost 1,000 solar panels in 2016.
  • With support from the European Social Fund, we devote extra attention to sustainable employability for all of our employees.