The brothers Hans and Paul van der Salm, who were barely twenty years old at the time,  started the Van der Salm company on the Kooiweg 32 in Boskoop in the late eighties. Year after year they invested a lot in the construction of greenhouses, cultivation systems, plant robots and delivery lines. Slowly but gradually the attention focused on the cultivation of Lavender, with Gaultheria as interim cultivation.

In the year 2000 the site on the Kooiweg 15 in Boskoop was acquired and a new, strong automated nursery was established here with greenhouses, container fields, loading docks and an office. Nowadays, Kooiweg 15 is still the head office.

The cultivation of lavender in Portugal begins in 2001. Thanks to a pleasant, mild climate the demand from the market for blooming lavender is met in early spring. Also due to the climate in Portugal van der Salm is able to deliver large batches of plants with a uniform high quality for a very long period of time.

In February of 2001 another facility is established in Hazerswoude. All the plants from Portugal will be efficiently processed here.

In 2002 the company De Bent was established in cooperation with Wansinck B.V.: a 7 hectares, open field nursery, where a high quality and wide assortment of Buxus, Ilex and Conica (Picea Glauca) is cultivated. Nowadays this company has three locations, including an 18 hectares, open field nursery and 3.5 hectares of container fields.

The 3rd of May in 2007 is a black day for the company. Hans van der Salm passed away due to a traffic accident in Portugal. Because of his way of thinking, commitment and personality Van der Salm has grown into a large, modern and innovative company on which all employees are equally proud.

Since 2012 the company has its own breeding and test location. They search for new breeds and test new cultivation methods. Their aim is to produce even stronger plants and use less crop protection products.

Nowadays van der Salm has 11 facilities in the Netherlands and one in Portugal. The assortment includes Lavender, Buxus, Gaultheria, Conica, Pinus Pinea, Ilex and Deco Fruit. The company is MPS GAP and MPS SQ certified.