Salm Boskoop


The brothers Hans and Paul van der Salm, then barely twenty years old, were the one who started the company Van der Salm to Kooiweg 32 in Boskoop. Yeah, yeah, they invested a lot in the construction of greenhouses, cropping systems, plant robots and shipping lines. Slowly but surely get used to the real focus increasingly in the cultivation of lavender, with Wintergreen axis between cultivation.

In 2000, the land on the Kooiweg 15 in Boskoop was boiled, here is a new, highly automated nursery established with greenhouses, containerervelden, loading docks and an office. Kooiweg 15 is, moreover, still the main branch.

In 2002, in collaboration with Wansinck BV, the company’s Bent established a seven-hectare, vollgronds nursery, where a high quality and wide range of Buxus, Ilex and Conica (Picea glauca) is money. In general, it lists the locations, where there are 18 hectares of land and 3.5 hectares of full containers.

From 2001/2002 also started growing lavender in Portugal. The pleasant, mild climate to meet the market demand for blooming lavender plans, early in the spring. This is Salm Boskoop in state over a long period, large parties planned to deliver uniform, high quality.

May 3, 2007 was a black day for the company. Hans van der Salm is a traffic accident in Portugal killed. Through his vision, commitment and personality Salm Boskoop become a large, modern and innovative company in which all employees are equally proud. In February 2011 there will be a settlement at Hazerswoude, where all plants are efficiently processed from Portugal. Since 2012 the company has its own breeding and test location. Here they look for new varieties and test them new cultivation methods from. Even stronger plants and less use of plant protection products is the goal. Nowadays Salm Boskoop whopping eight branches in the Netherlands and one in Portugal. The range consists of lavender, boxwood, Wintergreen, Conica, Pinus Pinea, Ilex and Deco Fruit. The company is both MPS and MPS GAP SQ certified.


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