Picea Glauca

Picea glauca December®

Pot size: 19 – 26
Available: week 36 t/m 52

 When the autumn has started, your garden is ready for winter and the days are getting shorter, you want to make it more cozy in your house. That is why Fresh from Nature® also has plants that you can easily place indoors. From autumn you can see the Conica Picea December® or the dwarf conifer with its beautiful shape at garden centers and florists appearing again in different sizes. Nice is that the plant is also richly decorated available. With colored garlands, in beautiful decorative pots or with a snow effect where the tree is powdered white. And … let the plant live a double life by placing it in the open ground as a garden plant in the spring. And you don’t need green fingers for it. The mini trees are so easy that there is a place to be found everywhere: in the garden but also on a balcony or terrace.


Care tips

The dwarf conifers do not owe their name directly to the small size, but to the slow growth. At purchase, the plant is therefore older than you would expect. This gives you more pleasure from it. If the dwarf conifers have grown sufficiently, you can plant them in the garden. Dwarf conifers can remain in the garden for generations without them becoming overgrown. If you place it outside in the open ground in the spring, you hardly need to fertilize it or prune it. The plant shows fuller and less likely to have bald spots. If you have had it indoors all winter, it is advisable to let it get used to the climate for a while in the shed before you place it in the ground in the spring. The tree will eventually grow to a height of around one meter. You can also combine it well with flowering ground covers or bedding plants. Or put it in a nice pot for terrace or balcony.


Do not hold the top of the Coninca Picea December® with your hands. The chance that the dwarf conifer is left with something is great because of the skin fat on your hands. Therefore always hold it at the bottom. And … make sure they get enough water, because dehydration is disastrous with this dwarf conifer. Feel free to pick some needles and rub them in your hands. What do your hands smell like? To black currants. The Picea was found in the wild in the mountains of Canada in 1904. The Coninca Picea December® dwarf conifer can easily be used as a mini Christmas tree inside or on the balcony or terrace. In combination with heather or berry plants you create an atmospheric winter scene. Or how about a dwarf conifer in a pot as an eye catcher at the front door? Small copies can also be used as a table decoration.

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