Pinus pinea

Pinus pinea Silver Crest®

Pot size: 10.5 – 17
Available: weeks 36 – 52

Make your garden, terrace, balcony or living room extra cozy in the fall. Because … with the Pinus Pinea Silver Crest or the parasol pine, which is a striking appearance in Southern Europe, you can make the most beautiful creations. Whether in the open ground or in beautifully colored pots. For example, combine them with the “Gaultheria Big Berry” or mountain tea, a mini bush with lots of red berries. In this way you create your own Christmas piece. How nice is that! The Pinus Pinea (also known as the mini Christmas tree at garden centers) is also available with a snow effect; powdered festive white for Christmas. It is not harmful. The tree can handle it well and naturally pulls out its white jacket. There are also variants available that are decorated with a colorful Christmas decoration, nice for inside and outside!


Care tips

In the spring you can prune the Pinus Pinea by cutting off the tip. In this way the tree stays small longer. If you don’t do that, this tree will get a true transformation. It can become a decent tree with large needles. A very nice one by the way. You can see them standing in the Mediterranean with their special umbrella or parasol-shaped crown with large, spread branches that are attached to a short trunk. The needles can grow up to 15 centimeters and the seeds are oil-bearing and can be eaten raw or roasted. So if you want to make it a big tree, then consider the place where you plant it.


With the Pinus Pinea you can go in all directions. Once the tree is in your garden, pick up some green needles every now and then. Let it dry for 14 days. Then you make delicious tea from it. Just put the needles in a cup, add boiling water and then sieve. A little honey makes it complete. Be surprised and give it a try! You can also cook some twigs and needles of the Pinus Pinea in a pan. You will see that a wonderful pine scent spreads in your house. How atmospheric do you want it? In addition, it also counteracts possible stress. You can of course also use the boiled water when you take a bath.

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