Salm Boskoop high efforts frontrunner in the market. This applies to product innovation, production processes, but also in corporate social responsibility. In all company we are committed to our customers, employees, environment and society where we belong. Of all these stakeholders, we create positive like part of their environment.



Salm Boskoop MPS-A +, MPS and MPS GAP SQ certified. With these certificates, we show that we are extremely conscious of traceability, environment and waste, and these processes
have been standardized.

FSI 2020

In addition, we were the first breeder who participated in the FSI 2020 project (The Floriculture Sustainability Initiative). This initiative brings together international chain companies in the floriculture to produce jointly seek the most responsible way possible and sell flowers and plants.

Product Proof

Salm Boskoop Proof is a product company. This certificate chain transparency underscores our commitment to be as open as possible in our whole way of working.



Waste no one says. We see this as a challenge and start the challenge. We try to minimize their waste and maximize recycling. So we reuse the water which we provide our plants with water and nutrients. The restafal is filtered and reused.

A pot is needed to grow the plant in too. But consumers throw it after purchase and
planting straight away! For us it is therefore only logical that the pot in which we
must grow recyclable. Our pots are made from recycled materials and are themselves

Our company is an active policy on the separation of waste. We sort paper,
plastic and organic waste.

The bee
It’s been several years not with the bee. Boskoop Salm participates in the bee adoption program.
Within this program is done scientific research on
bees, biodiversity and the impact of the preservation of the environment.


Our trucks are silent and met the emission standard 6.
In 2016 we have installed nearly 1,000 solar panels in total, to energy
to preserve as many of our locations. In addition, our greenhouses equipped with the
latest energy curtains and suffice them to the “zero discharge” decision.


Antoni van Leeuwenhoek
We support the Antoni van Leeuwenhoek ( with the investigation and in treating cancer patients.


Salm Boskoop supported the ESF, which we give special attention to the sustainable use of all our employees.

Sports clubs
Salm Boskoop supported by sponsoring various local sports clubs.

Nursery museum
We sponsor the Nursery museum in Boskoop. This museum gives visitors a unique
insight into the history of the boomkwekersvak. The historic garden shows how formerly cultivated.