Deco Fruit

Deco fruit®

Different packaging materials
Available: week 32 – 44

Deco Fruit is a real fall item within Fresh from Nature® . Because … as soon as the days get shorter, you want to make it extra cozy inside. And … how do you do that better with the decorative Deco Fruit from Fresh from Nature® . The mini fruits with a diameter of 2 to 5 centimeters are strikingly green, red, black, striped or hairy. Put the fruit in a glass bowl, turn it into a flower arrangement or make something beautiful in combination with a wicker basket and put it on the table or at the front door. You can go all sides with it! Deco Fruit is available as minis in the types of melon (also nice during Halloween), tomato, gooseberry, kiwi and spine laurel. These decorative products are not suitable for consumption.

Care tips

The shelf life of the fruits is excellent. They stay good for a few months, provided they are kept dry and outside the cooler. The fruits have a very long shelf life when dried. Fall and winter pumpkins can sometimes be stored for months. Eventually they will slowly dry in and gradually lose their color. The fruits are not suitable for consumption.


Do you actually know whether the tomato is fruit or vegetables? In 1893, the United States Supreme Court ruled that the tomato should be considered a vegetable (and not a fruit) for the purposes of US law. The tomato is also seen as a vegetable in the Netherlands. And … just like the tomato, the melon also falls under the vegetables and is related to the cucumber. Well, the spine bug is also a relative of the cucumber, so this one also falls under the vegetables. Fortunately the kiwi and the gooseberry are fruit, so we just talk about Deco Fruit from Fresh from Nature® . With these colorful products that are not suitable for consumption, you can in any case make the most beautiful autumn creations! Especially if you also add some bark, autumn leaves, acorns and chestnuts. Nice to collect together with your (grand) children.

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